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Computer Services


Geeks Online USA offers a wide variety of computer services for both residential and business customers. Click on a service to view more information.


For troubleshooting tips and suggestions, please see Tips And Suggestions within each service category.


Computer Anti-Pharming And Anti-Phishing Software

Computer Anti-Spyware Software

Computer Anti-Virus Software

Computer Diagnostics and Repair

Computer Hardware Installation

Computer Training and Support

Computer Tune Up

Computer Data Backup

Computer Data Recovery

Computer Firewall Software

Printer Service and Repair

Repair or Replace

Setup a new Computer System

Wireless Networks


Tips And Suggestions
Gathering Diagnostic Information

No matter which computer repair service you require, you may need the following information. The more details, the better.

If the computer produced an error message, what did it say?

Does the problem occur when you turn the computer on or off?

Does the problem occur when you are using a particular device such as the printer?

Does the problem occur when you are using a particular program such as a game, spreadsheet, or word processor?

Did you have more than one program running when problem occurred? If so, what were the programs?

Did you recently install software, hardware, or both? If so, what?

What is the make and model number of the suspect hardware?

What is the version number of the software? (Look under Help then About, on the program's toolbar)

Can you recreate the problem? If so, what are the steps?

Who is the manufacturer of your computer, and what is the model?

How much memory does your computer have, such as 256MB, 512MB?

What size is the hard disk and how much space is available?

What type of processor, such as Intel or AMD, and what is its speed (1.1GHz, 3.0GHz)?

What operating system does it use (Windows 8, Windows 10)?




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