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Hardware Installation - Computer Network Hardware



Computer Hardware Installation

Whether you need more speed or want to add a DVD burner, Geeks Online USA can help.

Geeks Online USA has the experience and expertise to install the following hardware devices in Desktop, Laptop, and Notebook computers.

· Floppy Drives
· Hard Drives
· Memory
· Modems
· Monitors
· Motherboard
· Network Cards
· PCI Card
· Power Supply
· Printer
· Sound Cards
· Video Cards

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Tips And Suggestions
Computer Hardware Installation


Unplug the computer. Even when turned off, some computers deliver power to the motherboard. If you touch the wrong component, you could receive a shock and damage your computer.

Always ground yourself before working on a computer. Static electricity can damage the integrated circuits. Use a grounding strap or touch an unpainted, metal portion of the chassis before handling any electrical components.

Handle circuit cards and memory modules by the edges only, avoid direct contact with any chips or circuitry.

Do not use a magnet to pickup dropped screws or use a magnetized tipped screwdriver. The hard drive is very sensitive to magnetic fields and can be easily erased by a magnet.

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