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TV Repair


Whatever the problem, we can fix it -- Big Screens, HDTV, Plasma, LCD, Flat Panel, DLP, . Our Television Repair technicians will honestly diagnose and repair your set with fast, reliable service. Simply bring your set to our shop or we can pick up your set if needed.

Is your Television broken or worn out? We are your local TV repair and Electronics repair headquarters.

In-Home Repair
In-Home Service is the way to go. Having to bring your large TV into a shop could damage you TV even more, like broken screens or scratches to your screens. We will come to you to troubleshoot your problem. If parts are needed we will order them the same day. We cannot stock all parts due to all the makes and models. Once parts come in we will call you to arrange an appointment that is convenient to you to come back out to install them.

We fix all problems including: 

• power problems

• fuzziness 

• color banding 

• screen crack 

• distortion 

• out of focus 

• big screens 

• LCD Projectors 

We repair all TV brands including but not limited to:            


• GE


• LG












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Tips And Suggestions


The tips below might save you some money from unnecessary service calls.
Be observant before placing a service call, make note of when the problem occurs. Note if, for example, does it take time for the problem to occur or does it happen right away or if the appliance has been relocated recently check for loose connections. Have the person most familiar with the problem place the service call.

When requesting service on a electronics products (television, VCR, satellite system), ask if the appliance should be left plugged in and running. In most cases it is required, however, sometimes this will cause further damage and should be avoided.

For those of you that use a cable box, one of the most common repairs we have ran into is people forgetting to put the TV back to channel 3, or the set is in a different input then is selected. This will save you a service call fee and it is more common than you think.

It is not usually possible to diagnose a problem if an appliance has already been disassembled. If you think you'll save the technician's time and your money by doing this, you are mistaken. In most cases, the appliance will have to be reassembled before a service technician can determine the problem.

Having the necessary information ready in advance of placing a service call will speed the process and ensure that nothing is forgotten at the last minute. These are the pieces of information that will be needed to get your appliance serviced and should be in hand when placing the service request. Probably the most important on that list is the make and model of the appliance, next is the product description, is this a projection TV, Plasma, DLP, LCD, LED or regular CRT TV. we employ TV technicians that are specialized in that field, and is important that we send the right technician for the right job.

Wall units:
Another bid of information we found useful in today's big screen TVs we run into a lot of custom made wall units, we found that most are not service friendly and will require two men to come out to service this types of sets. Failed attempts at trying this with one person can and more than likely damage the cabinet the set is in. In general the TV will have to be pulled out of the wall unit prior to servicing it. It is important you let our dispatcher on the phone know this type of a setup, or we will have to come back on a second service call to be able to pull the TV out of the wall. With today's HD TV's that are hanging on the wall we will also require two men to bring down for service.

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